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Single Sauce Dispenser


Gehl's Single Hot Top2 Dispensers are built for performance in high-volume operations. Let customers serve themselves from a dispenser that is quick and easy to reload and clean up. Gehl's dispensers are known industry wide for their simple, reliable design and lowest operating cost.

Gehl's Single Dispensers operate best using Gehl's 140 oz or 190 oz pouches of Cheese Sauces or 140 oz pouches of Chili Sauce.

Unit Price
Dispenser Lease, Single Cheese White, Fun Food Service
Dispenser Lease, Single Cheese Black, Fun Food Service

Gehl's Dispenser Lease Program is Unique

Our dispensers are placed in your business for a ONE TIME lease fee. Unlike typical lease agreements, there will be no further payments. Gehl's maintains ownership of the dispenser to ensure both dispenser and product quality. You can return the dispenser at any time...and we provide free parts and replacements.*
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Single Dispenser Specifications:

9"W x 17"D x 23"H

Empty: 16 lbs.

Two 140 oz. pouches, or
one 190 oz. pouch

Total size with side-by-side rack:
18"W x 17"D x 35"H

Total size with top mounted rack:
9"W x 17"D x 37"H

120V / 1.7A / 215W

Made in the U.S.A.

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