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Wholesome Puddings

The most pleasing desserts start with Gehl's Premium Pudding. Serve it with whipped cream, blend it into a fruit parfait or whip up a crowd-pleasing pudding pie! You'll save 50% or more when you choose Gehl's Premium Puddings over other desserts and pie fillings.

All seven varieties are aseptically packaged and ready-to-eat, while still capturing the homemade flavor your customers love. Our secret is an extra-generous amount of real milk, less water than ordinary brands, and a time-honored blend of wholesome flavor ingredients.


#10 Cans

#10 Cans

Great in buffets and recipes, our #10 can packaging lends itself to higher-volume foodservice needs. Available in seven classic flavors.

Pudding Pouches


New pudding pouches mean no scraping, less waste and easier clean up! As always, you'll enjoy the homemade flavor of Gehls.

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Creamy Cool Recipes!

Serve Gehl's Premium Puddings with whipped cream, blend them into a fruit parfait or whip them into a pudding pie!

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