Gehl Foods Mission

Since 1896, Gehl Foods has consistently provided great tasting, high quality foods and beverages. We enter every day committed to delivering exceptional service, through our investments in people, technology, and continuous improvement.

Gehl Foods Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in food and beverage by building a portfolio of brands, products and solutions that safely feed our future.

Gehl Foods Values


Protect the well-being of every employee, customer, consumer and our community

  • Know that creating a safe environment starts with “me”
  • Accept that it may take longer, but safety is always worth it
  • Protect our people, the environment, jobs and property


Deliver safe products that meet customers’ expectations and specifications

  • Understand, document and comply with customers’ needs and requirements
  • Demonstrate a universal commitment to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards
  • Develop a highly-trained, workforce that is engaged, accountable, technically sound and motivated


Create open and honest relationships through employee engagement, providing employees with a voice, sense of inclusion, collaboration and belonging

  • Encourage constructive feedback
  • Embrace and lead change to shape our future
  • Build trusting relationships through regular, timely communications


Demonstrate that we trust our teammates, customers and community

  • Communicate directly and fairly
  • Treat mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Recognize and appreciate each other’s uniqueness as individuals

Continuous Improvement

Commit to improving ourselves and our business results every day

  • Provide training and support so everyone is empowered to make a difference
  • Define and implement continuous improvement ideas and projects
  • Support one another to accept challenges to grow and change


Accomplish extraordinary things by working together

  • Surrender the “me” for the “we’” in order to realize our goals
  • Overcome our challenges and celebrate our successes
  • Empower our teammates and ourselves to grow, evolve and win