CNP - California Natural Products


We enter every day committed to safely delivering exceptional products and solutions through investments in our people, technology and continuous improvement.


We will be the leading low-acid aseptic manufacturer by being the most reliable provider of products and solutions that both delight our customers and safely feed the future.



Protect the well-being of every employee, customer, consumer and our community

  • Know that creating a safe environment starts with “me”
  • Accept that it may take longer, but safety is always worth it
  • Protect our people, the environment, jobs and property


Deliver safe products that meet customers’ expectations and specifications

  • Understand, document and comply with customers’ needs and requirements
  • Demonstrate a universal commitment to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards
  • Develop a highly-trained, workforce that is engaged, accountable, technically sound and motivated


Create open and honest relationships through employee engagement, providing employees with a voice, sense of inclusion, collaboration and belonging

  • Encourage constructive feedback
  • Embrace and lead change to shape our future
  • Build trusting relationships through regular, timely communications


Demonstrate that we trust our teammates, customers and community

  • Communicate directly and fairly
  • Treat mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Recognize and appreciate each other’s uniqueness as individuals


Accomplish extraordinary things by working together

  • Surrender the “me” for the “we’” in order to realize our goals
  • Overcome our challenges and celebrate our successes
  • Empower our teammates and ourselves to grow, evolve and win

Continuous Improvement

Commit to improving ourselves and our business results every day

  • Provide training and support so everyone is empowered to make a difference
  • Define and implement continuous improvement ideas and projects
  • Support one another to accept challenges to grow and change