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At CNP, we understand the importance of delivering a continual positive brand experience to your customers. Your brand is more than innovative packaging, it’s how your company is perceived, and the reputation of quality it conveys. We are an industry-leading partner to many of America's top consumer brands in today's marketplace who count on us to protect and enrich their brands. Our commitment to product safety and proven track record are what set us apart.

We maintain rigorous food safety standards through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing.

Our world-class quality systems, metrics and targets throughout our manufacturing process are put in place for better food safety, high quality production and our maintenance and warehousing.

Our dedication to food safety and quality assurance is reflected in the multiple certifications we have received and the testing that we do:

Testing for Quality Assurance:

Microbial analysis/pH analysis
7-day incubation product hold evaluation period
Organoleptic Evaluation
Total solids-Brix Monitoring

Package integrity Evaluation


SQFI Level 3 certification 
HACCP system Implementation
Organic certification
Kosher certification

Work with Us

CNP works with its customers from concept development through manufacturing. We are uniquely positioned to offer our clients raw materials from the ingredients side of our business, product development for aseptically processed food and beverage products, scale-up trial runs as well as manufacturing.

Since we were founded in 1980, we have been an innovator in the development of aseptic beverages, foods and food ingredients. We enjoy helping manufacturers bring their products to market faster and easier. We have a proven track record of success in the nutritional, natural and organic food industries. For example, we invented and patented the natural processes for rice syrup, rice syrup solids, and rice milk in the early 1980’s. We also pioneered the packaging of natural and organic aseptic beverages in the mid 1990’s. Throughout our history, we have been a recognized leader in the nutritional, natural and organic food movements.

Today, as part of the Gehl Foods family, we produce a diverse portfolio of dairy-based products using advanced technology and resources that allow us to continue to provide quality, freshness, and personal service to our customers. 

Contact our team today to find out how we can help you deliver quality aseptic dairy beverages to your customers. 

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