CNP - California Natural Products

Food and Beverage Aseptic Manufacturing

Since 1980, CNP has been working with customers to develop quality, fresh, nutritional aseptic food and beverages. As a pioneer of the natural and organic industries, our diverse portfolio allows us to help our customers bring a product from concept through manufacturing. 

Find out how we can help enhance your business with our advanced food and beverage aseptic manufacturing capabilities.

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Dairy Beverages

The CNP team can help you create creamy, rich dairy products, from yogurt to weight-loss shakes, using our advanced aseptic manufacturing process and nearly 40 years of experience.

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Soups and Broths

Our team is full of experts who have nearly four decades of experience developing a variety of pureed soups made from fresh vegetables. Find out how we can help you bring your soup and broth products to life.

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Non-Dairy Beverages

As non-dairy beverages continue to explode in popularity among consumers, our experts can help you develop shelf-stable, non-dairy beverage products using our advanced aseptic manufacturing process.

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Tea & Coffee

Ready-to-drink teas and coffees continue to grow in popularity as a healthy alternative to soda. Learn how our unique capabilities can give your product a competitive edge.

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Nutritional Beverages

Learn how CNP can help you develop rich, flavorful, shelf-stable nutritional beverages using our advanced aseptic manufacturing processes.

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Wine and Spirits

CNP is the first and only manufacturer in North America to package wine and other alcoholic spirits in Tetra Pak aseptic packages. Learn more about this unique capability.

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