CNP - California Natural Products

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CNP manufactures a wide variety of made-to-order rice syrups and solids, rice oligodextrins and specialty ingredients for food manufacturers around the globe. Our team provides quality ingredients quickly and consistently, along with the research and development necessary to meet the growing demand for high-quality, innovative ingredients. 

When you work with CNP, you receive not only a quality, organic ingredient, but also the benefit of our more than thirty years of experience in this space. This deep understanding of the science and trends of this industry allows us to complete your projects quickly and with better results. 

Learn more about our organic ingredient capabilities. 

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Rice Syrup

CNP invented rice syrups and solids three decades ago and has remained a predominant thought leader and innovator in the space ever since. Learn more about our first-of-its-kind manufacturing process.

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Specialty Ingredients

CNP's specialty ingredients are manufactured to order based on the specific needs of each customer. Learn how our made-to-order specialty ingredients can suit your needs.

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