Advanced Aseptic Process

Aseptic BottleAt Gehl Foods, we specialize in aseptically processing dairy foods to lock in fresh flavor, and prevent spoilage. By aseptically processing the freshest ingredients we create high-quality, shelf-stable products that taste great throughout an extensive shelf life. Aseptic processing allows us to protect product quality without preservatives. Our products are ready-to-serve, real dairy products packed in convenient packages to fit your busy life. Our secret is an advanced "aseptic" process that locks in freshness without refrigeration.

Aseptic BagGehl Foods' Aseptic processing means food and beverages achieve sterility through a rapid process of heating and cooling, producing a commercially sterile product that won't spoil. Packaging materials are pre-sterilized, then filled with sterile ingredients and sealed, all in an airtight sterile environment and allow a 12 – 18 month ambient shelf life without compromising taste. 

Since the early 1970’s, Gehl Foods has been a pioneer of low-acid aseptic dairy processing.  We were the first to bring many new packaging formats to the United States.  We are committed to continually improve and expand our production capabilities. In the last decade, we’ve invested nearly $100 million in 12 state-of-the-art, high-speed aseptic lines. Today, we are able to produce a diverse portfolio of dairy-based products. Gehl Foods advanced technology and resources allow us provide quality, freshness, and personal service to our customers.