Pharmaceutical Level Quality

At Gehl Foods, we know that product quality and safety are your top priorities, and that’s why we make them ours. Gehl Foods operates a pharmaceutical level of Quality Assurance, featuring comprehensive records of every processing maneuver in our facility.

During a production run, our experienced Quality Assurance team continually pulls samples of the product for a complete testing program to verify your standards have been met. These operating procedures allow us to troubleshoot against potential product variances, ensuring the same high quality product every time.

Quality Lab

Upon finishing a run, our Quality Assurance and Food Safety teams test samples of every single product through incubation periods to ensure a consistent, great-tasting product that is safe for consumption.

During bottle production we test 100% of products. Nobody else does that.  This extra level of handling ensures food safety, and provides an extra peace of mind. If the product doesn’t meet our standards, it won’t be released. We are strict about food safety because we know the importance of food safety to your brand and YOUR customers.

Quality is so important here because we only make aseptic foods.   Aseptic means we eliminate 100% of the potential food borne pathogens that can compromise food safety and degrade quality.  By packaging our products aseptically to preserve their fresh flavor, we can avoid the use of preservatives.  Unlike refrigerated and frozen products, you can trust Gehl’s products to be completely safe, sterile and ready to eat when first opened.  

Our commitment to product safety at Gehl Foods is why we are the leader in aseptic manufacturing.  We know what the industry requires, so you can feel confident that your product is meeting all the necessary regulations.  Over the years we have successfully brought hundreds of products to market.

Our high quality aseptic manufacturing has led to numerous quality control approvals, such as:

Kosher and Halal
BRC Global Standards
USDA Organic
Gluten Free

*Able to Manage Dairy, Soy, Tree Nut (Almond) and Other Allergens 

Making Safety Easy

We also make it easy for foodservice operators to serve safe, high-quality snack foods. Gehl’s Dispensers heat and dispense our aseptic packages to optimal serve safe temperatures for 3-7 days, while sealing airborne contaminants out.  Employee contact is minimized, with no pumps to clean or cans to scrape.  

Nothing is more of a testament to our quality and safety than our list of long standing fortune 500 customers who count on us to protect their reputations and their customers. Call or email us to learn more about what we’ve learned serving the best brands in the country.