Bacon Cheddar Waffle Fries

Crispy waffle fries loaded with Gehl's Smoky Bacon Cheddar Cheese Sauce and real applewood smoked bacon crumbles are the perfect appetizer to share with friends and family.


Prep Time: 5 minutes           Total Time: 30 minutes         Serves: 2

Bacon Cheddar Waffle Fries


Frozen Waffle Fries

5 pieces Applewood Smoked Bacon, fully cooked and crumbled 

1/4 cup Gehl's Smoky Bacon Cheddar

Optional: green onions and ranch dressing


Bake waffle fries as described on package instructions. While fries are baking, fry bacon, remove grease and allow to cool before crumbling.

Layer waffle fries, Gehl's Smoky Bacon Cheddar Cheese Sauce, and bacon crumbles on plate or serving dish. Add chopped onion and drizzle ranch dressing on top if desired.