Sometimes a Little Change is a Good Thing.

Gehl’s Announces Changes to 80 oz. and 100 oz. Dispensed Product Lines

It’s true that things are changing at Gehl’s, but sometimes a little change is a good thing. This summer, we’ve announced a few product updates with increased shelf life and case pack changes for better storage and less waste.  We’re exchanging our 80 oz. product line with new SKUs featuring smaller case sizes, and replacing our 100 oz. peristaltic pump product SKUs with a smaller 80 oz. case pack.

Scroll down for a complete list of changes and replacement SKUs:

Updated Item Numbers

Important Gehls UpdatesOur new Hot Top 2 dispenser 80 oz. bag product numbers feature the same great sauces and disposable valves, but now have cleaner ingredient statements and a longer shelf life. They’re now made to last 15 months from their manufacturing date. Plus, we have two production lines for increased cheesing capacity. The switch has started – make sure you’re ready!

  • Jalapeno: G05040
  • Sharp: G05041 
  • Chili: G05038 

New Case Pack for Peristaltic Pump Dispensers

We’re now delivering 80 oz. bags instead of 100 oz. bags for peristaltic pump dispensers.  They still include puncture hoses – but smaller bags allow for faster turn, Important Product Updatesless waste and smaller cases mean more convenient storage. The new size also lets us run on two production lines, so we can consistently supply more great-tasting cheese. The switch has started – make sure you’re ready!

  • Sharp: G05042 
  • Chili: G05037 
  • Jalapeno: G05039 (our new-and-improved Premium Jalapeno Cheese Sauce is richer (yes), creamier (yes!) and more robust (YES!)


Changes at a Glance

Old Item #
Replacement (New) Item #
Product Description
Dot Item #
Availability Date
Spec Sheet
G05020 G05040 80 oz. HT2 Jalapeno w/ Disposable Valves 681916 Now Click here
G05021 G05041 80 oz. HT2 Sharp Cheddar w/ Disposable Valves 681917 Now Click here
G05030 G05038 80 oz. HT2 Chili w/ Disposable Valves 654546 Now Click here
G05400 G05039 80 oz. Premium Jalapeno w/ Puncture Hoses 681918 Now Click here
G05401 G05042 80 oz. Sharp Cheddar w/ Puncture Hoses 681919 Now Click here
G05410 G05037 80 oz. Chili w/ Puncture Hoses 682349 Now Click here