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FAQs on our dispensers, sauces and leasing program.

We have your back.

For more than 35 years, Gehl’s has been the industry leader in dispensed cheese and chili sauces. A delicious title that continues to inspire us. In our tenure, we've answered a lot of questions and helped a lot of customers keep the ooey-gooey goodness of Gehl's flowing.

The questions we hear most often from you, our customers are featured below. If your question is not covered, our world class customer service team is always standing by! Give us a call at 1(800)521-2873 or email us at

Gehl's Cheese & Chili Sauce FAQ

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  How do I accurately check the temperature of the sauce in the dispenser?

For a HT2 Dispenser- allow overnight heating before checking the temperature of the sauce for greater accuracy. Be sure the lid and valve guard are in place. If the lid and valve guard are not in place, heat can quickly escape the inside of the dispenser. Next, remove the lid from the dispenser and remove the valve from the bag of sauce. Insert a sanitized thermometer directly into the bag of sauce to check the temperature. It’s important to note that the thermometer on the side of the Gehl’s HT2 Single, Dual & APS show internal temperature of DISPENSER ONLY.

For a Gehl's 2.0 Dispenser- allow 2 hours heating before checking the temperature of the sauce. The Gehl’s 2.0 digital thermometer display is visible under the lid on the front-left of the dispenser. The digital thermometer displays the temperature of the sauce inside the heated cavity and is designed to maintain sauce temperature between 140 - 145°F.

However, accurately check the temperature of Gehl's Sauces, remove the lid from the dispenser and remove the bag of sauce. Set the bag on a hard, flat surface with the valve pointing upward. Push on the flat side of the valve to slide it open. Quickly insert a sanitized thermometer directly into the bag and into the sauce, making sure the tip of the thermometer is in the sauce for 30 - 60 seconds for an accurate temperature read. 

  How long can I keep bags of unopened sauce?

Gehl's sauces are shelf-stable for one year (12 months) from the date of production, no refrigeration required - production dates are printed on each bag of sauce. Unopened bags of sauce should be stored at room temperature and never frozen.

  How long can I keep bags of opened, heated sauce in the dispenser?

Typical hold times for heated cheese sauce in the dispenser are 5 days for Cheese sauces, with exception of 3 days for Supreme White Cheddar (G05124), and 7 days for chili. These hold times begin as soon as cheese has been heated above room temperature. Questions? Call Gehl's Customer Service at 1-800-521-2873.

  How should I store bags of sauce that have already been opened and heated for serving?

If storing, first re-seal the bag of sauce with the original cap. Sauces may be held in refrigeration for up to 7 days between temperatures of 38oF and 42oF. Please note: when prepping sauce for refrigeration, it must be cooled rapidly to 70oF in two hours or less and to 40oF within four hours.

  How long can I keep an opened #10 can?

The shelf life for an opened #10 can is 7 days as long as it’s refrigerated.

  What is the best way to re-heat sauce that has been opened and stored in refrigeration?

For best results, sauce should be re-heated rapidly and this cannot be achieved in the dispenser. Sauces should reach 165 degrees in two hours or less. Gehl's recommends re-heating the bag of sauce in a steamer, warming drawer or hot water bath (do not boil). Please note: Gehl's sauces can only be cooled and re-heated one time for proper food safety. It is strongly recommended that sauce be kept warm in the dispenser 24 hours per day for food safety. Removing product from the dispenser frequently is not advised and will not increase the life of the sauce.

  Is the cheese sauce/chili sauce/pudding sauce a non-TCS product?

Because of our aseptic thermal processing and packaging, unopened products do not require time/temperature control to limit pathogenic microorganism growth or toxin formation and are considered non-TCS. Once the package is opened, Gehl Foods recommends handling the product per federal and local food handling requirements (e.g. US FDA Food Code, International HACCP regulations, etc.).

  Is the enzyme used in the manufacture of the cheese sauce from an animal or microbial source?

The enzyme is from a microbial source.

  How can we keep the cheese sauces in a squeeze bottle at room temperature?

Our Product Handling Recommendations will have the details you are looking for.

  Are your products Kosher or Halal certified?

Our certifications are product specific.   Please visit our product information pages to confirm the certifications for each of our products.    

  Is there an adaptor that goes from the round fitment to the 2.0 fitment?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this option.  Please make sure to verify with your distributor that they offer the correct size product for your Gehl's dispenser prior to ordering product.   

  Are your products Gluten Free?

Please visit our product information pages to confirm the status for each of our products.

*Gehl Foods, LLC created many of these guidelines in compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations. Please check with your regional Health Department for local variations.

Gehl's Dispenser Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble with your Gehl's 2.0, HT2 Single or Dual, or your APS Dispensers, visit our Dispenser Troubleshooting section. You'll find helpful tips to get your dispenser back to selling!

Dispenser Troubleshooting

Gehl's Dispenser Lease Program FAQ

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  How much does it cost to lease a Gehl's Dispenser?

Gehl's Dispensers are placed for a ONE TIME lease placement fee of $249 for a Gehl's 2.0 Dispenser, $200 for a Single Dispenser, $250 for a Dual Dispenser or $299 for an APS Dispenser. Unlike typical lease agreements, there are no ongoing payments and you won't need to worry about Gehl's requesting the return of a Dispenser as long as you comply with the stipulations of the lease

  How much FREE product will I receive with my dispenser? What does that mean for my bottom line?

The Gehl's 2.0 lease comes with one free case of 6-60 oz. product.  Gehl's HT2 Dual Dispenser lessees receive TWO FREE cases of 80 oz. sauce, Single Dispensers are eligible for ONE FREE case of 140 oz. product. APS Dispensers will receive ONE FREE case of 80 oz. sauce with peristaltic hoses.

By selling through the FREE cases of Gehl's Cheese or Chili Sauce at the common price of $2.50, you can earn back the entire lease fee (plus some profit!) before spending another penny on sauce. 

  Why can't I simply purchase a Gehl's Dispenser?

Our commitment to the highest possible food quality means that we only lease, and never sell, our dispensers.  Leasing our dispensers allows Gehl's to ensure that they dispense only quality Gehl's sauces, and helps prevent dispensers from being misused or misbranded.  In exchange, lessees benefit from our strong 3-year Warranty with free parts and replacements.  We also provide plenty of FREE point-of-sale materials and effictive selling tips!

  What are the stipulations of the lease?

The most notable requirements of Gehl's Standard lease are that you use only Gehl's sauces in the dispenser, display Gehl's graphics on the dispenser, and that you do not misuse or sell the dispenser.  There are NO minimum volume requirements.  You may terminate the lease at any time simply by returning the dispenser.  A copy of the full lease agreement can be found here.

  May I pay with my credit card?

You may use your credit card to pay for the Dispenser for online ordering only. This is all done over a secure connection. Unfortunately, we are unable to take credit card payments via telephone.

  Who pays for the shipping?

Initial domestic ground shipping of the Dispenser, including your FREE product and the Chip Rack (if you choose to use Gehl's Tortilla Chips), is covered under the cost of the ONE TIME lease payment.

  What happens if I go out of business or don't like the program?

You may terminate the lease at any time. However, the ONE TIME lease payment is non-refundable. We hope that in evaluating your business model you feel the program will benefit your bottom line.

  How do I order my Gehl's Dispenser?

The most important question! Order online with credit card here.   For mail-in orders, simply complete the Order Form below, sign the Lease Agreement, then mail both along with your lease payment via postal mail.  Note: for faster delivery of your dispenser, pay via Money Order or Cashier Check.

Download the forms & lease agreements below:


  How do I trade in my dispenser?

Please LOG IN at the upper right hand side of the screen.  Once logged in,  you can go to “Lease a Dispenser” at the top of your screen.  When you have selected the model that you would like to lease, please choose your color and click on the “Have a Dispenser Trade-In?” link under your Cart/Check out option.  Eligible Dispenser serial numbers should pop up for you to select from.  If you do not see your serial # listed, you may have to go to “My Dispensers” located at the top of your screen and add any additional Serial Numbers that may be missing. 

  How do I add a dispenser to my account?

Go to and LOG IN at the upper right hand side of the screen.  Then go to “My Dispensers” located at the top of your screen and enter each Serial Number and Zip code for each of your active dispensers and simply “Add to My List”.  Our system will automatically categorize for you which dispensers may be eligible for Trade-In based on our warranty information.